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A Perfect Circle - 01 - Counting Bodies ...
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A Perfect Circle - 05 - Rose (Rock Am Ri...
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A Perfect Circle - 08 - Thomas (Rock Am ...
A Perfect Circle - 09 - The Package (Roc...
A Perfect Circle - 10 - 3 Libras (Rock A...
2020-05-29 18:05:07CST

With great sadness we have to inform of passing our long time member and a great friend Daniel, You've been always so cheerful and full of life, it's just not fair... R.I.P.

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It all started back in January 2001 when Phil started the Website under, he was soon joined by VampYre who started our own #VideoPimp channel on EfNet.

They both put alot of money to keep the website running us the cost of the webserver was well over 100$ a month since the day one, some of the donations helped out occasionaly, some od the ads helped out abit but they both did spend alot of money just for you guys!

We all should thank Phil and VampYre for keeping VideoPimp going.

We wouldn't be here aswell if it wasn't for our own dedicated Rippers and Servers.
Thanks to the Rippers you're able to watch so many different videos from all around the globe.

We all would like to thank Rain aswell for the enormous amount of releases she's done, be affraid as she ain't slowing down :)

In 10 years VideoPimp released 18599 videos, 15764 are still avaliable for your viewing pleasure!
We've served hundreds of Terrabytes in that time, prime example being December 2010 where you've leeched close to 10TB in single month!

We've helped promote such bands as: Living Syndication, Default, Lennon, Stabbing Westward, Dust For Life, Finger Eleven, Creed, Unwritten Law, Seether and many many more

Below are quick History lessons of how the website changed over those years!

If you were lucky enough to find us back in 2001 or 2002 you might still remmember those catchy frazes "I get hot new releases EVERY time, the MORE and MORE i come!" or "Videopimp was sharing that file! so we were getting e-mails from all over the world saying, you know, love your video - how can i get a copy?" -
those websites layouts below are here for those who weren't here at correct time back in 2001! :)
VideoPimp History Book
VideoPimp History Book
On the begining of 2004 the website layout changed and it was all in spanky new Flash, wchich meant even more work to do for Phil while updateing the website.
VideoPimp History Book
VideoPimp History Book
At the end of 2004 the website layout changed to more unique form and it was kept that way till end of 2008. The major change being switch from to domain.
VideoPimp History Book
From begining of 2009 you can enjoy the website in it's current form with additional features!

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