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A Perfect Circle - 01 - Counting Bodies ...
A Perfect Circle - 02 - Hour Glass (Rock...
A Perfect Circle - 03 - The Hollow (Rock...
A Perfect Circle - 04 - Weak And Powerle...
A Perfect Circle - 05 - Rose (Rock Am Ri...
A Perfect Circle - 06 - Disillusioned (R...
A Perfect Circle - 07 - The Contrarian (...
A Perfect Circle - 08 - Thomas (Rock Am ...
A Perfect Circle - 09 - The Package (Roc...
A Perfect Circle - 10 - 3 Libras (Rock A...
2021-07-13 04:07:49CST
ALL VideoPimp releases are back with working links to zippyshare, grab them all, enjoy!
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what is videopimp? videopimp is your rock god on the side of the underdog. We are here to promote and serve the dwindling ROCK music genre so it NEVER gets put out to pasture. Here we try our best to get what you DON'T see on TV and put it ONLINE. Videopimp serves up only the freshest videos custom made for your PC & DVD players. We may seem different from the others for a few reasons but one reason stands out, YOU! You choose what we do as we work by request. Our MediaMakers use their skillz to kraft some of the finest quality stuff out there. You want digital video? You got it! You like your videos synced? Done! As you learn your way around you will find we treat everyone with respect when that's what's given 24/7. Hell we even have a support Chat room so you can learn the ropes at your own pace. So, be not afraid and check this place out and maybe you will be producing your own videos soon.

  Stabbing Westward
Dust For Life  
Finger Eleven  
  Unwritten Law
Quarter Inch Jack  
Living Syndication  
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